Videos that help you reconnect with your family


A while back I had a client call me to tell me her mothers reaction to one of our videos. Her story gave me chills. I had created a video for her father’s memorial. They decided to play it at her brother’s house afterwards. They played it in his family room and kept it playing over and over again for hours.

During all that time, her mother sat on the couch and watched the video over and over again. For a number of years her mother has had Alzheimer’s and hasn’t even recognized her own children. But her daughter told me as she watched this her face started to light up. She used music that was all her fathers’ favorites and her mother started moving to the music.

After a while she started recognizing her husband and her children on the screen. By the end of the evening she was telling people, this is my daughter. She was recognizing all her kids. Her daughter said it was amazing how she reacted to the video. It was just for a while, but for them this experience was amazing.

She called me to talk to me about creating her mothers story now. She wants to do this while her mother can still respond to it.

Even now this story is getting me emotional. To know that something I created allowed these kids to have connection with their mother again. That is priceless!

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If you have had a parent with Alzheimer’s, what ways have you used to reconnect with them?

Green Screen Virtual Travel

Bringing the outside world virtually to those who are shut in

Do you know someone who is shut in maybe because of illness or old age? Do they have limitations that prevent them from getting outside and enjoying a normal life? Our father was like this. His age had gotten to the point where it was impossible for him to go outside of his home anymore. Being an active and social person, it was hard for him not to be doing activities with the rest of his family. He longed to travel and would talk of vacations we had been on as a family. His favorite place was Hawaii.

My sister and I decided that if we couldn’t make the real thing happen, we could do this for him virtually. So we brought our green screen sheet and laid it behind him in his bed and filmed him as if he was in Hawaii. We talked with him about what he would do there, and then he began to sing Blue Hawaii. We combined this film footage with video we actually took on one of our trips to Hawaii. When my dad watched it, he actually thought he had gone there.  See the video below.


Maybe you can think of things your family or friend, who is shut in, would like to do. You can even fulfill a fantasy with the use of a green screen. Maybe they loved a certain movie, put them in it. Have them travel the world. It could even be something simple. Maybe they are sad about not being able to get out to enjoy a party or a wedding. Film the occasion and then film them on a green screen and with editing bring the two films together to make it appear they were there. What a nice surprise when they watch themselves as part of the occasion.


If you are not familiar with how to edit with green screen, just film the occasion and then film them with a green sheet behind them and bring the two films to Tears of Joy Video. We will be glad to help you fulfill a dream for your loved one, even if it is virtually. Just the thought of going to the trouble of making this type of video to make them feel apart of the occasion will mean so much to them. We will never forget what it meant to our dad.

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