Your Baby’s First Year

Babies First Year

Babies First Year

Are you expecting your first baby?  Are you a new mom, experiencing the whirlwind of new and exciting activities that a new baby brings into your life?  Maybe you relate with this commercial?


Along with the title of mom come many titles, as this blog points out, with 52 titles for mom. But one title it does not include is family historian.  However from the moment you first found out you were going to be a mom, you held in your memories the story of your child.

There are many ways a mom has to share  their children’s stories. In the past mom’s may of kept a Journal, a scrapbook or a baby book telling all the exciting events, stories and new things their baby did. They saved keepsakes like birth announcements, baby’s hair, or their baby’s hospital bracelet to put in these scrapbooks or baby books.

Another way parents save their stories is with pictures and movies. Mom or dad’s take pictures and video of special events in their child’s life. In the past all the pictures were printed before you saw them, so placing them in a scrapbook or photo album was part of the picture experience.

What about today? Some mom’s may still be doing the traditional baby books. But life is busy! Days, weeks or months may go by with not entering information in a book. Here are some other ways mom’s and dads have shared their baby stories.

Pictures with the phones: about 80% of pictures and video are taken with our cell phone. It makes sense since we always have our phones with us. Many parents capture their baby stories with their phone. They videotape clips of their baby saying their first word or taking their first step by grabbing the phone and capturing the experience. They then may share it online through social media sites, or by sending a text to friends. Notice how one father captured the first year of his baby on video and created this short video on you tube.


We share our lives on social media, as the recent app on Facebook showed. It created an instant video of your personal history on Facebook. Many were touched by these videos. Social media has become the standard way for families to share their stories as they happen.

With the use of social media and digital cameras people have become more creative with how they share their baby pictures too. Notice these pictures that were created to announce to friends that they are pregnant. Here is another example of how mom and dads have recorded their baby’s first year progress in pictures.

Although social media can be good for instant sharing, creating a tangible product for your baby to keep their stories is important. With social media your stories could be gone tomorrow if your social media account went down. Keeping your pictures and video on your phone or computer is not much better. Digital files need to be organized and stored for your child to enjoy their stories as they grow up. Helping parents create and save their stories is the reason why Tears of Joy Video created their Babies First Year Packages.

With our special package you get a video, book and poster of all your pictures and video clips you have taken from the time you first found out your were pregnant till your babies first birthday. Your stories and details can be added in the book and video to tell the special events that happened in your baby’s life. You can even use the updates you share on Facebook to place in the video or book. Notice how we did this for one mom on video and another in a book. See our website for our special Babies First Year Package with pricing. What type of pictures, video and stories should you include in you video? Notice this detailed list with instructions on creating your video.

If you are pregnant now, notice our package that allows you to create as you go. This is created for busy moms. With this package you upload your pictures, video clips and stories each month and we create a video and/or book for you. Each month you can watch the progress of your project on a private web link as we create it for you. At the end of your baby’s first year we send you the video on DVD and/or printed book.

Tears of Joy Video has just made is easier for you to fulfill your job as family historian. Your baby memories will be saved of your baby’s first year with this video and book, a keepsake that will be enjoyed forever.

Newborn Photography and Video

I have been working doing newborn photography and video for a few years now.  There is nothing more exciting than being there to celebrate a new life.  I have also had couples give me their pictures and video to create a video of the new baby experience or babies first year of life or the birth of their baby.

I love creating pictures and videos of my clients and the ones they love.  But celebrating a birth is one of the best experiences because it is the start of a life, a hope, a future…

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