Videos that help you reconnect with your family


A while back I had a client call me to tell me her mothers reaction to one of our videos. Her story gave me chills. I had created a video for her father’s memorial. They decided to play it at her brother’s house afterwards. They played it in his family room and kept it playing over and over again for hours.

During all that time, her mother sat on the couch and watched the video over and over again. For a number of years her mother has had Alzheimer’s and hasn’t even recognized her own children. But her daughter told me as she watched this her face started to light up. She used music that was all her fathers’ favorites and her mother started moving to the music.

After a while she started recognizing her husband and her children on the screen. By the end of the evening she was telling people, this is my daughter. She was recognizing all her kids. Her daughter said it was amazing how she reacted to the video. It was just for a while, but for them this experience was amazing.

She called me to talk to me about creating her mothers story now. She wants to do this while her mother can still respond to it.

Even now this story is getting me emotional. To know that something I created allowed these kids to have connection with their mother again. That is priceless!

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If you have had a parent with Alzheimer’s, what ways have you used to reconnect with them?

A business that touches the heart

Our Story of how Tears of Joy Video got started

Dad with girls

Two sisters, Juli and Cathie Dodd, who were trying to make their father happy started “Tears of Joy Video”. These two sisters had been involved with photography and video for many years. Juli had purchased a full editing suite and they had made some amazing video’s that impressed all their friends. Their father was their biggest fan.

Their father became ill and had to undergo an operation. One evening after the operation, Cathie was sitting with him and watching a TV program. It was a biography about Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnez, with home movies and stories of their life. He asked his daughter if they could make a video of his life like that. She said, it would take a lot of work, but it could be done. A few days later he was suffering from complications from problems after the surgery, and his daughters were worried he wouldn’t make it. Juli asked what could she do to help him get better. He said he would like a video made of his life. She said if he got better, she would make a video of his life, and then they would have a big party with all his friends and watch it. Just saying that seemed to brighten his spirits, it gave him something to look forward to. Within the next few days his health improved, and he was able to recover. But he didn’t let his daughters forget their promise.

Cathie began the project by collecting all the pictures and slides and scanning them to the computer. Then she transferred their old home movies to video. Then she created a list of questions and in a number of video sessions, she sat down with her dad and interviewed him on camera about his life. After that Juli and Cathie made a list of their dad’s best friends, called them and made appointments to interview them on camera with funny stories about their dad’s life. During this whole time Juli was collecting a list of songs that meant something to her dad and to the family over the years. Now with all the data in place, came the project of putting the whole thing together.

As the girls worked on this project, they realized they were not just doing it for their dad; they were creating a piece of family history that they could keep forever. Through the pictures, movies, and interviews they were recreating their life, their memories. They had lost their mother years earlier, but part of her came back in the video, and now with this video, they had a part of their dad they could keep with them forever. They rented a restaurant and had over 100 of his friends and relatives. The film was met with rave reviews. But that moment was a memory they will never forget. They realized that instead of waiting till he was dead to remember him for all he did, they got a special chance to celebrate his life while he could still celebrate it with them. They also got a chance to show him how much they loved and respected him, and that was not only shown to him, but all his friends who attended that night. In fact he was in a room filled with love.

From that video came many more requests from friends for videos. A friend of the sisters, another Julie, who attended that night, was also involved with video montages. Together they discussed starting a business. That is how Tears of Joy Video was born.

Here is a portion of that video:

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Best gift you could give your adult children


Your children are grown now.  They are out of the house and living their own lives. They may even have families of their own.   All those years of the family being together under one roof are only happy memories in your mind and in the scattered pictures and home movies you look at from time to time.


·         Do you look back at those days and wonder how they passed by so fast?


·         Do you wonder, is there anything worthwhile you now can give your children?


·         Maybe you wonder how can you make a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of your children and grandchildren, as well as future generations long after you are gone?


If you are in the age group that has also lost your aged parents to death, you know how precious a parent/child relationship can be.  When your parents are gone, part of your childhood dies with them.  They are the only ones, besides you, which remember all the aspects of your childhood.  Those stories that once embarrassed you in front of your friends, become a longed for memory after they are gone.


Also it doesn’t matter how old you get, as a child you will always appreciate praise from your parents, or that pat on the back from them saying they are proud of you. As children we longed for that respect as we strive to achieve the goals our parents taught us to reach. Now hearing that praise warms our hearts, and hearing it over and over again, never gets old.


What if there was a gift you could give your adult children that could give them a type of time capsule of all those years and memories you shared together?  A gift that will give your children your praise and respect that they can continue to hear over and over directly from you.  This gift will also be a present for your grandchildren, and future generations of grandchildren long after your gone.  What is this gift?


It is a Parent’s Biography video and photo book. This combination book and video gives you a lasting memory of your child’s background from birth to present, told by the one person who can tell it the best, the parents. The photo book includes a number of photos and memorabilia, like art work, school work, cards or letters, from their past with captions, giving them a printed document of their life story. The video includes photos and home movies along with videotaped stories of their life as told by you directed to them. Along with the stories are your praise of the aspects of their life that made you proud, your expressions of love and your best wishes for their future. This is the greatest gift a parent could give to an adult child. It is a gift of love from you they can watch over and over again. It will be the best gift your child never thought to ask for.


How can you give such a gift? 

The first step is to call Tears of Joy Video at (877) 887-8658

New Celebration of Life-Memorial Packages

Tears of Joy Video of Encinitas, California would like to announce their new Celebration of Life Packages.  Two sisters, Juli and Cathie Dodd, who have owned the business a little over 7 years, created these packages after helping a number of their clients with their memorial videos.

“At this emotional time of loss many of our clients were overwhelmed with all they had to do in getting ready for the memorial of their loved one, “ said Cathie Dodd. “They would ask if we knew someone who could create the programs, the picture poster, a personalize guest book, or a memorial website.  Since we had done this many times for friends and in our own family, we offered to do it for them. They were very happy to have one service where they could give all their photographs and have everything prepared for them. We decided to create a package that would have all these items created for them at one low price.”

Why did they call them the “Celebration of Life” packages?  “We were noticing a trend in our clients steering away from the traditional funeral, and instead holding a Celebration of Life memorial service where it focused on the life lived instead of the death” said Cathie Dodd “Our products all are creations that help people focus on this wonderful person by using photographs, video, titles, and stories.  The Celebration of Life Package seemed to be the best name for what is being provided”.

Since many people are planning their own memorials or celebrations of life outside the memorial homes or churches, many are looking for creative solutions to make their celebration special.  Tears of Joy Video Celebration of Life Packages could be just what you are looking for. They have helped clients in their own backyard of San Diego, as well as throughout the United States. The owners have been through this a number of times and can offer suggestions to help you create the perfect celebration, bringing honor and lasting memories of the loved one who was lost. They are experts at turning your grief into Tears of Joy.  Their packages can be found at  or call them toll free at (877) 887-8658.

Green Screen Virtual Travel

Bringing the outside world virtually to those who are shut in

Do you know someone who is shut in maybe because of illness or old age? Do they have limitations that prevent them from getting outside and enjoying a normal life? Our father was like this. His age had gotten to the point where it was impossible for him to go outside of his home anymore. Being an active and social person, it was hard for him not to be doing activities with the rest of his family. He longed to travel and would talk of vacations we had been on as a family. His favorite place was Hawaii.

My sister and I decided that if we couldn’t make the real thing happen, we could do this for him virtually. So we brought our green screen sheet and laid it behind him in his bed and filmed him as if he was in Hawaii. We talked with him about what he would do there, and then he began to sing Blue Hawaii. We combined this film footage with video we actually took on one of our trips to Hawaii. When my dad watched it, he actually thought he had gone there.  See the video below.


Maybe you can think of things your family or friend, who is shut in, would like to do. You can even fulfill a fantasy with the use of a green screen. Maybe they loved a certain movie, put them in it. Have them travel the world. It could even be something simple. Maybe they are sad about not being able to get out to enjoy a party or a wedding. Film the occasion and then film them on a green screen and with editing bring the two films together to make it appear they were there. What a nice surprise when they watch themselves as part of the occasion.


If you are not familiar with how to edit with green screen, just film the occasion and then film them with a green sheet behind them and bring the two films to Tears of Joy Video. We will be glad to help you fulfill a dream for your loved one, even if it is virtually. Just the thought of going to the trouble of making this type of video to make them feel apart of the occasion will mean so much to them. We will never forget what it meant to our dad.

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