San Diego Safari Park

We started off the new year visiting the San Diego Safari Park and we got to do something different this time.  We went on a special safari that got you up close to the animals and allowed you to feed them.  The following are some of our pictures.

The park was displaying this baby Giraffe for the first time.  He was only one month old

We also fed the Rhino’s apples

Earlier in the day we were able to feed the Lorikeets

We were able to visit the lions and two little lion cubs that were just born.  The mama lion rejected them, so they are being hand fed.

Here are some other animals we were able to see

The Grounds were beautiful and we were able to see a beautiful sunset

Pictures from San Diego Zoo


Daddy Giraffe Copyright

Daddy Giraffe

Giraffe Face Copyright

Giraffe Face

Baby Giraffe Copyright

Baby Giraffe

Giraffe Family Copyright

Giraffe Family

Mommy Giraffe Copyright

Mommy Giraffe

Down Low Copyright

Down Low