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Hi, I am Cathie, I am the one on the right.  My sister Juli and I created a business called Tears of Joy Video.  Our story is in the blog post a business that touches the heart.  We have both been photographers and worked with video for years.  In this blog I will talk about our services, share stories about our videos.  Share videos and photographs we have created. Our business name came from the type of videos we create.  We take our clients pictures and home movies and weave them into stories of their life.  When we are finished we present their video to them, it is is such a moving experience to them.  We feel we have not done our job until we have brought our clients tears of joy.

Visit our website at http://tearsofjoyvideo.com

Call us at (877) 887-8658

Skype us: User name tears.of.joy.video

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. As a wildlife photographer I love looking at blog that cover the same, or similar interests. Although I am strictly a still photographer I enjoy a good video when I watch one. I find it curious that my last 5 digital cameras have all had HD video capability yet I have only toyed with it. I simply don’t think about video when I’m on “safari”.

    I’ve bookmarked your web address and checked off the “following” box. I’ll be dropping by now and then. – Bob

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