Look out your window

Look out your window Copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

Look out your window
Copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

If you look out your window, what do you see?  Is the view something that makes you calm.  Is it a view that makes you happy.  Some people say that happiness comes within, and I know from personal experience that is true, but putting yourself in a calm or beautiful surrounding calms your soul.

This is why people spend large amounts of money on real estate, to pay for the view.  But maybe you can afford that, maybe you have a small garden or patio outside.  Did you put flowers and plants there?  Why did you do that? It was to improve your view, to enjoy looking out your window.

Flower Garden Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Flower Garden
Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Maybe you have no view.  When you look out the window all you see is the next door neighbor.  But when you go on vacation, what is the first thing you want to pay for?  Isn’t a room with a view.

So for a moment imagine right now looking out your window and picking any view.  What view would you choose?  I find it is different for each person.  If it was me, it would be something like this:

Copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

Copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Both these views are near where I live, but to get this view out my window would cost me much more than I am paying now.  I love where I live because I have views like this, and I love the ocean.  But some people though they think this is beautiful, they may pick something like this:

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

I love to visit this view for a change of pace, but it would not be my choice of view.  But for some of my friends this would be their first choice.  A few months ago we visited Sedona  Arizona  and it was beautiful


copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

We talked to a couple at Starbucks who said they moved from Europe and when they were making a choice where to move, it was between San Diego and Sedona and they picked Sedona.  This is the view they picked out their window.  Others pick something like this:

City Lights Copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

City Lights
Copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

Maybe its not country at all, but the city lights.  Some people love city and people.  They love the excitement of the hustle and bustle and they love to people watch.

So my question to you is what view would you like to see out your window?  Write your comments below.  It will really help me as well, because I am working on a new project for my business and I would like to see what are some ideal views in peoples mind.  If you could change your view right now and see anything out your window, what would it be?

6 thoughts on “Look out your window

  1. I’m with you Cathy give me a beautiful body of water.The Greek Isles. One because I never have been there and two if that was my view right now it would mean I’m on vacation!

  2. Dianne,
    I went there 20 years ago, and it is beautiful. I have a few videos on my youtube channel I took then. My favorite Islands were Santorini and Mykonos. I hope you get to go there one day.

  3. Interesting questions. I would want to see the southwester desert, wide open spaces of red. A sky bright with stars and the Milky Way, unspoiled by any light pollution. That would be the view I would most like to see, outside my window, this very minute. 🙂

  4. I haven’t been there yet, or not the exact place I would like to be. Shouldn’t be too much longer now. As far as living there, I believe that is where I’ll plant my feet in the dirt and stay. 🙂

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