Look out your window

Look out your window Copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

Look out your window
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If you look out your window, what do you see?  Is the view something that makes you calm.  Is it a view that makes you happy.  Some people say that happiness comes within, and I know from personal experience that is true, but putting yourself in a calm or beautiful surrounding calms your soul.

This is why people spend large amounts of money on real estate, to pay for the view.  But maybe you can afford that, maybe you have a small garden or patio outside.  Did you put flowers and plants there?  Why did you do that? It was to improve your view, to enjoy looking out your window.

Flower Garden Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Flower Garden
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Maybe you have no view.  When you look out the window all you see is the next door neighbor.  But when you go on vacation, what is the first thing you want to pay for?  Isn’t a room with a view.

So for a moment imagine right now looking out your window and picking any view.  What view would you choose?  I find it is different for each person.  If it was me, it would be something like this:

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Copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Both these views are near where I live, but to get this view out my window would cost me much more than I am paying now.  I love where I live because I have views like this, and I love the ocean.  But some people though they think this is beautiful, they may pick something like this:

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

Copyright tearsofjoyvideo.com

I love to visit this view for a change of pace, but it would not be my choice of view.  But for some of my friends this would be their first choice.  A few months ago we visited Sedona  Arizona  and it was beautiful


copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

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We talked to a couple at Starbucks who said they moved from Europe and when they were making a choice where to move, it was between San Diego and Sedona and they picked Sedona.  This is the view they picked out their window.  Others pick something like this:

City Lights Copyright Tearsofjoyvideo.com

City Lights
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Maybe its not country at all, but the city lights.  Some people love city and people.  They love the excitement of the hustle and bustle and they love to people watch.

So my question to you is what view would you like to see out your window?  Write your comments below.  It will really help me as well, because I am working on a new project for my business and I would like to see what are some ideal views in peoples mind.  If you could change your view right now and see anything out your window, what would it be?

Encouraging Your Child To Use Their Imagination

In school children learn to read and write. At some point those writings come alive as they learn to turn their writings into stories.  Taking those stories one-step further, you can encourage creating them on film.  How would you go about doing that?

First go over their story.  See if it needs to be created into a script.  If there is conversation of the characters you can create these into script that can be acted out.  If not your child can read the whole story on camera or audio recording.  Now that recording becomes the narration of the video.

Next decide how this movie will be told.  Will it be acted out like a play?  Maybe it will be animated with toys, or it can be told with a picture slideshow. In some cases all three of these can be used.

Once you finish the filming, the last step is to edit your film.  This is where the whole story comes together. With editing you can add titles, sound effects and music to round out the story. If you are not aware of how to edit a film, we here at Tears of Joy Video would be happy to do this for you.  Notice two stories we did below for our niece and see how these stories come alive with film.

When your child sees their stories on film it gives them a sense of pride.  It also stimulates their imagination to create more stories.  You never know where this imagination may take them.  Who knows, maybe one day you will be the mom sitting in the audience as they thank you for receiving their Oscar.

Newborn Photography and Video

I have been working doing newborn photography and video for a few years now.  There is nothing more exciting than being there to celebrate a new life.  I have also had couples give me their pictures and video to create a video of the new baby experience or babies first year of life or the birth of their baby.

I love creating pictures and videos of my clients and the ones they love.  But celebrating a birth is one of the best experiences because it is the start of a life, a hope, a future…

Born April 16th-day after tax day-with tax papers copyright http://tearsofjoyvideo.com

Born April 16th-day after tax day-with tax papers
copyright http://tearsofjoyvideo.com

California Redwoods


This is my home movie archives. Take in the early days of learning how to use and edit video. I took my friend Lucy and Phylis with her two kids to the redwoods. Phylis was leaving California with her husband who was in the military and it was her dream to see the redwoods before she left, so I made that dream possible. This was the first time I drove with two little ones on a vacation and they did not do well on those windy roads. But all in all we had a great time seeing these magnificent trees.

Of course my editing is so much better these days, but it is still fun to watch these older films. If your family films are on VHS, have us transfer them to DVD so you can enjoy them again.