Family Pictures Tell A Story

Today in the digital age, we click our cameras (or phones) whenever we see something interesting.  Some pictures may be foolish.  I don’t think I have seen so many pictures of food or coffee before the establishment of social media.  But still with each picture we are documenting our life.

In the days of film you were a little more careful of what you took pictures of, because when the film was out, so was your ability to take pictures.  So what we choose to take pictures of had meaning. Even if your parents or grandparents were not perfect at picture taking, the things that took pictures of had meaning in their life.  Here are a few pictures from my family album.  Let me show how they tell a story.

My dad's mustang   Copyright

My dad’s mustang

This was my dad’s mustang convertible.  He ordered in in 1964 and my mom and my dad flew to the Ford factory to get it and drove it home.  This is a picture of my dad driving it for the first time.  My dad loved convertibles.  We had a number of them as a kid, but this was his favorite one.  Can you see how this picture tells a story?  Here is another one:

My sister in 50's car seat. Copyright

My sister in 50’s car seat.

The baby in the front was my sister.  Now this was probably taken to show my sister’s ride in the convertible.  But what a piece of history!  It shows the difference from today how car seats have changed. Did that seat have any safety features?  It doesn’t look like it. Did my parents know they were documenting that history?  Probably not, which means our pictures of daily life could have some significance in the future. This picture also showed that my parents were driving convertibles our entire life, which is why this next picture is a part of my personal history.

My First Car Copyright

My First Car

This is my first car.  It had to be a convertible.  I loved this car, even though the body was rusting away and the roof leaked, on sunny days with the roof down riding down the road as a young woman was one of my favorite memories.  I eventually sold it because it wasn’t practical.  But years later when I was in my 40’s I bought another convertible and  I own a scooter now, which when I ride it gives me the same feeling as being in a convertible.

My second convertible Copyright

My second convertible

Me driving my convertible Copyright

Me driving my convertible

Me on my Scooter Copyright

Me on my Scooter

From my parents pictures I know that my love of convertibles started at a young age.  My parents history was told in the pictures.  More history in my next post.

What history is told in your family pictures?  Share your stories below:

3 thoughts on “Family Pictures Tell A Story

  1. Glad you liked it. I understand why you get comments on your car, we still talk about my dad’s. That car seat was made for kids to see out, definitely not to keep us safe. It is amazing we are still alive today!

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