Best gift you could give your adult children


Your children are grown now.  They are out of the house and living their own lives. They may even have families of their own.   All those years of the family being together under one roof are only happy memories in your mind and in the scattered pictures and home movies you look at from time to time.


·         Do you look back at those days and wonder how they passed by so fast?


·         Do you wonder, is there anything worthwhile you now can give your children?


·         Maybe you wonder how can you make a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of your children and grandchildren, as well as future generations long after you are gone?


If you are in the age group that has also lost your aged parents to death, you know how precious a parent/child relationship can be.  When your parents are gone, part of your childhood dies with them.  They are the only ones, besides you, which remember all the aspects of your childhood.  Those stories that once embarrassed you in front of your friends, become a longed for memory after they are gone.


Also it doesn’t matter how old you get, as a child you will always appreciate praise from your parents, or that pat on the back from them saying they are proud of you. As children we longed for that respect as we strive to achieve the goals our parents taught us to reach. Now hearing that praise warms our hearts, and hearing it over and over again, never gets old.


What if there was a gift you could give your adult children that could give them a type of time capsule of all those years and memories you shared together?  A gift that will give your children your praise and respect that they can continue to hear over and over directly from you.  This gift will also be a present for your grandchildren, and future generations of grandchildren long after your gone.  What is this gift?


It is a Parent’s Biography video and photo book. This combination book and video gives you a lasting memory of your child’s background from birth to present, told by the one person who can tell it the best, the parents. The photo book includes a number of photos and memorabilia, like art work, school work, cards or letters, from their past with captions, giving them a printed document of their life story. The video includes photos and home movies along with videotaped stories of their life as told by you directed to them. Along with the stories are your praise of the aspects of their life that made you proud, your expressions of love and your best wishes for their future. This is the greatest gift a parent could give to an adult child. It is a gift of love from you they can watch over and over again. It will be the best gift your child never thought to ask for.


How can you give such a gift? 

The first step is to call Tears of Joy Video at (877) 887-8658

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